How To Setup, Use Firefox Sync Feature In Firefox 4

Firefox 4 beta 4 has been released recently by Mozilla – Some amazing new features has been introduced in this beta version of firefox 4 beta 4 like

  • Firefox Sync – to backup bookmarks, password, history and other data.
  • Firefox Panorama – which allows you to organize opened tabs more easily
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics (Direct2D) for Windows users

We will come up with detailed post on how to use these new features in firefox 4 beta 4, today we will tell you how to configure firefox sync to sync bookmarks, browser history and other data across all the computers where you use firefox

1. You will require Firefox 4 or Firefox 4 beta 4 – download from here

2. Install and Run Firefox 4 beta 4 , and go to firefox options as shown in the image below


3. Click the Sync tab under options as shown in the image below


4. Now you will need to specify, that you have been using the sync for the first time – select I’ve never used Sync before


5. Now you will have an option to create a firefox sync account as shown in the image below


6. Now enter the pass phrase as shown in the image below


7. Now by selecting firefox custom settings, you can select firefox what to sync across different computer where you use firefox and what not to sync.


8. Now you need to confirm that you are human, not a robot Open-mouthed smile by entering CATPHA Code  


Now, if you have entered the right words shown, then you will see the congratulations message that firefox sync is now configured on that computer. 


You can repeat the same procedure on another computer but this time you need to select I’m already using Firefox sync on another computer

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