How To Send, Reply Group Scraps In Old Orkut Interface

Orkut team has recently some new feature which is available on the new orkut interface, this new orkut feature allows you to send scraps to multiple group of friends on orkut. Just in case if you are not using the new orkut interface for any reason, here is how you can reply to group scrap on orkut using the old interface.


In case you’re still using the older version of orkut and a friend of yours sends a message to multiple friends, including you among them, you will normally receive that scrap on your scrapbook page, as always happened. Right there in the scrap you’ll know that it’s a group scrap because we will tell you how many people were added to this group message, and you will have two options:

  1. You can click the traditional "reply" link to send a new scrap to your friend, as a reply to his message, exactly in the same way that you always did before this launch.
  2. You will also see a new link saying how many group replies were added to this scrap by other people (the other friends that also received this message). Because only the new orkut supports group replies, you can only view them or add your own in the new orkut. Therefore, if you click this new link, you’ll be taken to a page in the new orkut where you can see the original scrap, all the replies, and also an option to add your own and join in the group conversation.

As you can see, you don’t lose anything that you were used to.

What if the group scrap is also private?

If the group scrap that you received was also private, that scrap will be clearly identified and only be visible to you and the other people selected to receive this scrap, as decided by the first person who posted it. When you reply to a private scrap (either clicking "reply" or clicking the new link to view all the replies on new orkut), your reply will also be private.

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