How To Send Positive and Negative Feedback For Office 2010 Beta With Send a Smile or Frown

Sending feedback with office 2010 is really easy and simple as compared to the beta products released from Microsoft released till date, you can send both positive and negative feedback for office 2010 products like word, excel, access etc. Previously we wrote about step by step procedure to download office 2010 beta from Microsoft website. 

When ever you face any problem with office 2010, just search for Microsoft send a smile under start menu search.


Once you click it, you can see the two type of feedback symbol in the extended system tray


Yellow smile is to send a positive feedback and orange frown is to send a negative feedback

Positive Feedback Screen


It will take the screenshot of your current screen, so make sure you are running the office 2010 application for which you want to send the feedback, you can send screenshots with comments and you can optionally select to include your mail id by checking the next check box which says Send contact information with comments

Negative Feedback Screen


If the above screenshot taken automatically does not represent the actual problem or point you want to highlight just refresh the screen or press F10 to take another screen shot. Press submit button to send the feedback once you are done.

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