How To Select A Part Of Text or Word To Copy On iPhone

Well its been a long time now since copy paste has been integrated with iphone with firmware upgrade, but still many times many iphone users find it quite difficult to use the copy paste functions on their iphones. Here is a quick guide on how to select a word or part of text to copy and paste on iphone in any text based application.

Just double tab on the screen text part or on the word which you want to select on the screen while typing or editing any text. [ as shown in the image below ]


You can move the left and right sliders which will appear once the word gets selected for cut, copy or paste.


I hope you like the above trick, if you want to get any of your iphone related problem solved, leave us a comment we would love to get back with a solution if possible, you can also read some more iphone tricks here at this blog.

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