How To Search, Listen Any Artist Songs Video On Youtube

Youtube has been improving everyday, these days they are making changes to remove copyrighted content, making youtube more fun with easy ways to browse or listen favorite songs of different artist of your choice, last night when I was searching for the favorite song “Jaanu Tu Ya Jaane Na” Video On youtube, when I found the video I noticed Kishore Kumar name on the video.

tera mujhe hai pehle ka nata koi 

When I clicked the name of the artist, it redirected me to the page which showed all the videos of all songs of Kishore Kumar which were on youtube.

kishore kumar songs videos on youtube

Similarly you can try searching on youtube, to find the songs video of other artist by their names using the youtube search as shown in the image below.

kailash kher youtube

This way you can find out all the songs videos of any artist, listen to any song and watch the video as well.

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