How To Save Session For All Tabs Opened In Multiple Firefox Windows

I am 24×7 user of firefox, I do all the browsing, feed reading and all the web surfing from firefox but I do have other browsers like Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome installed which I have started using but not much.

Lets come to the point, it occurs with me some times when more than one normally two firefox window are opened up, in that case when I close a firefox window, it does ask me the option to save the session and exit, rather it ask to close all the tabs in that firefox window, so this way I could not save the session for multiple tabs opened in multiple firefox windows.


In such a case, there is only one option left to save the session for all the tabs opened in separate firefox windows by terminating firefox through task manager, here is how you do it.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to quickly launch task manager, click the process tab and locate firefox.exe and right click selecting the exe and click End Process Tree 


I hope you like this trick, we have previously written some more tips on how firefox tweaks here on this blog. 


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    Abhishek: Thanks for the tip! I have had the same problem as you do with same browsing habit and appreciate the insight and exerience to fixing this issue…. much obliged!

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