How To Save Photos From Facebook On iPhone

iPhone has a great facebook application which is so nicely designed to cater all the needs to browse facebook on iphone, but still one of the feature which lacks in iphone facebook application is that it does not allow you to save facebook album photos or any other photo you view on facebook.

In such a case you might want to download, save a facebook photo on your iphone but you can’t through the facebook application, another way to do it is to open facebook in safari browser and locate that photo and touch your finger for 2-3 seconds on the photo opened you will see the option to save the image.

Follow the step by step visual procedure to do it.

1. Open facebook un safari browser by typing the address or


As shown in the image above, you will need to open the photo of the album which you want to download on your iphone.

2. Now open the image which you want to save and touch your finger over the image for 2-3 seconds you will get the option to save the image on your iphone as shown in the image below.


Similarly you can download the all the photos in a facebook, but there is no way to save the entire facebook photo album on iphone in one go, you will need to follow the procedure one by one for each image.

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