How To Revert, Use Older Version Layout Design Of Google Docs

Google has recently rolled out the new version layout design for all the google docs users, just to test if you are google docs user go to and you will see the message pop prompt which shows you all your google docs document in the new design layout view [ list view ]. This new design layout of google docs of showing all the documents you have in your account is not being liked by many users, so many users including me would like to return and revert back to the older version design of google docs.

2-3-2011 11-26-35 AM

Google docs team is allowing you to revert to the old layout, in case you don’t like the new google docs looks, once you are logged in to google docs you will see the link saying older version on the top right corner of the page in google docs.

2-3-2011 12-21-03 PM

Just in case, if you don’t see or cant locate the older version link, go to the following link to open google docs older version or newer version.

Old Design Google Docs –

New Design Google Docs –

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