How To Reset Google Search Filters Options

Google Search new interface has added some new search filters shown a left side bar while you search. These filters help you filter your search results as per different criteria and conditions. However recently we shared a way to get rid of these left sidebar search options. We have also explained some of these filters on how they can be useful to you while searching like how do you enable images in search results and how can you search within search results on google.


Today we will tell you how to reset the search options so that they stop filtering search options in case you don’t want your search results filtered.

In order to stop filtering of search results, once you have already clicked any of the search options then you would need to have click the last link at the bottom saying Reset Options in order to remove these filters from search.


Once you click this, all the search filters will be removed from your search results instantly. You can read more google search related tips we had written before on this blog.

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