How To Request Invite For Facebook New Messages

As we had posted about all you need to know about new facebook messaging system and other post on facebook coming up with their mail service, Now facebook messaging feature has been launched and it seems to be great social message inbox in future. But new facebook messages is not open to all but rather you will need to request for an invite to test or use facebook new message feature.

Here is how you can request an invite for new facebook messages, go to this link and click the green button on the bottom right corner saying request for an invite.


Once you have requested for the invite, using your facebook account, you will see the message on the same page in place of the button saying you will receive an invite soon as shown in the image below.

11-16-2010 2-01-59 AM

Stay tuned, we will keep you updated with more interesting tips and tricks to use with new facebook messages feature.


  1. Meg says

    Hi, I did this and it does say “you will receive an invive shortly” but its been months and I havent received anything… is there another way?

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