How To Rename A WordPress Theme Folder To Hide The Theme Name

There are times when you may want to rename a wordpress theme folder name so that others could not know easily what wordpress theme are you using by looking at the source code on your wordpress blog or you may want to change it for some other reason.

For those who are wondering, the answer is Yes, you can change the theme folder name in wordpress very easily, just follow the simple steps below to do it.

1. Login to your wordpress blog dashboard, go to appearance >> themes and apply the default theme on your blog

2. Now connect to your blog via FTP and rename in theme folder name under wp-content theme.

Path to your wordpress theme folder would be like as follows – public_html >> wp-content >> themes >> theme folder.

3. Once you have renamed the theme folder to something you want to, go to wordpress dashboard again go to appearance >> themes and apply the renamed theme on your blog

We have already written some more wordpress tips before here, if you have any other wordpress tips to share please let us know through comments.


  1. Tom says

    Didn’t work for me. In fact the renamed theme doesn’t appear in the “themes” page. The old one does.

    Did I miss a step?

    Running WP 2.9.2

  2. high heels says

    what he did not mention was you have to open the css file of the theme. at the top you will see the name of the theme. you need to change the name in the css file as well. you may also see a readme file in the root of the theme. some themes use this file to store the themes name and other data that you will have to change.

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