How To Remove or Hide New Facebook Floating Chat Sidebar On Right

Facebook has just rolled out the new chat sidebar which appears on the right side of facebook web interface, this chat bar appears when you are online on facebook chat and displays your online friends however as per some people it does not display all your online friends.

This chat bar is really big and floating in nature, as per some of the people it looks ugly and non useful, however it disappears when you click some where else other than the chat sidebar in the right.

facebook chat sidebar

In case you find this chat bar annoying, there is way you can get rid of it from facebook interface, you can pop out the chat window out of facebook and chat with all friends ready for chat will be shown in a separate window as shown in the image below.

facebook chat separate window

All you need to do is, is to select pop out chat window in the chat options on chat sidebar as shown in the image below.

pop out facebook chat

Very soon we will see plugins which will hide the floating chat bar on facebook, just in case you want to hide the entire chat and the vertical right side chat bar you can install this user script from here or you can also report negative things like why you don’t like this new floating chat bar on this page, and if they get sufficient feedback they might roll it back as shown in the screenshot below.

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