How To Remove Explore Label In Google Reader

I like reading feeds in google reader only, I think it is the best reader for tracking and reading daily feeds from different websites, recently google reader team introduced a new feature in google reader called the Explore – It recommends you the popular feeds you should read, this feature is really great but the in the google reader UI the position where it is implemented is very eye annoying as per my experience at least.


It is placed just above the subscriptions, and there in no way in google reader setting to move explore position or hide it from showing up in google reader, in order to remove or hide explore in google reader you will need install a greasemonkey script.

How to Install The Script 

Make sure you first install greasemonkey extension in firefox and then go to this page and install the user script from here by clicking the button which says Install, when you try to install it will prompt you with some information, make sure to read all the information, we recommend to see the script source.


After applying the greasemonkey script, explore feature in google reader will be hidden from view, google reader will look like this [ as shown in the image below ]


[ Source ]

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