How To Remove An Item From Windows 7 Jumplist

Some time back we told you about to change power button text in windows 7 and how to use several pictures as slideshow in windows 7. Today we will tell you how you can use the new windows 7 jumplist features effectively as per your requirement.

Previously we told you about how to create custom jumplist in windows 7, now but what if you don’t want others to see what did you opened that means you need to delete an item in windows 7 jumplist, it is explained below how can you do it :)

In order to see the jumplist over any taskbar pinned programs you just need to right click on the program icon

[ as shown below in the image ]


As shown above in order to remove any entry just right click and select Remove from this list – that’s it done – now it will be hidden from every one what did you opened and protect your privacy. 

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