How To Remote Logout or Terminate Logged In Session At Facebook

Facebook recently added the remote logout facebook feature some days back to enhance security, it allow you to remotely logout from facebook if you see suspicious logged in activity around your account. This feature could be really helpful as it allows to find if some one else using your facebook account knowing your username and password.

Today we will tell you how to remotely terminate session or logout from a computer just in case you see someone else logged into your account. You can view your recent account activity, If you notice an unfamiliar device or location, click "end activity". Follow the procedure below to know how to do this.

1. Login to your facebook account

2. Go to your facebook account settings from the right top menu as shown in the image below


3. Now click Account Security Section, and under account activity you will see information about all the sessions with your account with last accessed time, location on which if you hover your mouse will give you IP address and device type like iPhone, Browser on your computer etc.


If any of the activity session which you find suspicious, you can terminate or logout the user from your account by clicking the End Activity link. We would suggest you to change your facebook password after you logged the suspicious user out of your account, in order to be safe next time.

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