How To Reload / Refresh All Tabs In Safari / Firefox / Google Chrome

It could be a case when you are browsing so many websites in large number of tabs in your native browsers like safari, firefox, google chrome etc and suddenly you need to refresh all the tabs. But why do you want to refresh all the tabs in your browser, well there could be many reasons and one such could be you may need to refresh all the tabs after a sudden internet connectivity disconnection and connection.

Here is how you can refresh all the tabs in firefox, google chrome and safari

Reload or Refresh All Tabs In Firefox

In case of firefox it is most simple as you just need to right click any tab in firefox and select Reload All Tabs 


but if for any reason you are using older version of firefox in which you don’t see this context menu entry, then you can use reload every tab extension in firefox

Reload or Refresh All Tabs In Safari

Just like in firefox, In Safari also you can reload all the tabs in the same way, Hold CONTROL and click on a tab, then scroll down the menu to Reload All Tabs


Please note the this trick will work in the newer versions of safari which starts with 4.x.x

Reload or Refresh All Tabs In Google Chrome

In case of google chrome there is no such extension or hack which could help you reload all the tabs opened in google chrome at once, so figured out my own way to do it however it is quite weird. In order to reload all the tabs in google chrome you can follow the method given below.

1. Open Task Manager, click Applications tab and right google chrome task there and select end task 

2. Next time you start google chrome it will show you all these tabs in recently closed tabs list, you can click to reopen all the tabs opened previously and they all will reload automatically. :P



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