How To Recover Saved Password & Other Data When Google Chrome User Profile Crashed Or Does Not Load

Last night when I was trying to install a new extension in google chrome it crashed and then when I restart google chrome its did not the default user profile created on my computer since the beginning and then I found some of the things missing in google chrome and the most crucial was that it had no longer the list of all the password remembered for the websites I used to login in one click with all the login passwords saved securely in google chrome.

Although all the bookmarks were intact, but typing the login username and password which were previously auto filled all the time before the profile crash was really tiring, after some search I came to some of the third party software which allowed me to export all the password saved in google chrome under the crashed profile, and another tool allowed me to launch google chrome with crashed profile with all the data intact including saved password and bookmarks both.

The best way to keep all your google chrome password safe is to backup them using the free software called LastPass Password Manager for google chrome, download it from here. To get it working first you have to make an account to sync your all passwords to your LastPass account safely. Once you passwords are synced you are at a better place of security, but this software is for taking the backup of all the passwords in advance.

But when you don’t have the backup of saved or remembered password in google chrome and your user profile has crashed, then you can use the free utility called Chrome Password Decryptor, download it from here. It allows you to export the list of all the password stored in google chrome under any user profile as shown in the image below.


Moreover even after the google chrome user profile crash there is way launch google chrome with the crashed user profile again with all the data loaded as per the user profile, to do this you will need to use the utility named Google Chrome Backup – It is a free tool for windows which can be used to back up and restore Google chrome preferences,passwords, bookmarks etc and it also allows you to launch google chrome profile which is crashed and does not load in google chrome by itself.

Restore Google Chrome Crashed Profile With Google Chrome Backup

To restore an already backed up profile start the application and select “restore profile”.Next,browse to the gcb file you created earlier. The selected profile is deleted and restored using the back up file.

restore crashed google chrome profile

Just to launch the google chrome with the crashed profile, you just need to first install and run google chrome backup, then right click on the default or the profile which was crashed and then select Run profile as shown in the image below.

run crashed google chrome profile

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