How to read scraps of any orkut scrapbook as rss feeds on your mobile phone or pc without login to orkut.

These days orkut popularity is on its peak with its wide usage. In india itself it is becoming more popular day by day as lots of orkut users (some friends of mine) are more curious to know after every minute if they receive any new scrap from their friends.

So today i would like to dedicate this post for all those who want to know every second about any new scrap and this too with out being required to login to orkut.

Nothing tedious , the only thing you have to do..

1. Login to your orkut account and go to your profile by clicking the profile by at the left navigation panel.

2. Copy the uid number from the address bar and append it to the url below.

3. Go to this url: your orkut uid here.

4. Final url will be of form

As it is for my orkut profile so i can read my scraps simply by entering the above url in the address bar in my mobile phone browser or on my computer browser.

Note: But you can’t reply to any scrap as it requires login to orkut but don’t worry as that feature may be implemented soon .     

So if you have any problem in following the above steps do let me know through your comments i will be glad to answer your queries.


  1. sajeer says

    my orkut id is sajigazalalathur and password it possible to send all the scraps to my e-mail.bec in uae orkut is blocked ..i want the scrap from last month onwards

  2. venkatesh says

    Hi Abhishek,
    I want to use comments on orkut and facebook which have a keyword of my interest say “banks” and use those comments for analysis.
    Is there any way to do this without loging into orkut and facebook. I will be thankful to you.

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