How To Open Multiple Home Pages In Google Chrome At Startup

There are times when you would want to open multiple pages or home pages in google chrome when it starts up, previously google chrome did not allowed that feature. I just found in in google chrome options it has some default option now which allows you open multiple pages automatically when google chrome starts.

I am not sure this feature is enabled in latest stable version of google chrome but I can use it on my google chrome beta 13.x.x.x, the exact version number is shown in the image below.

google chrome beta

In order to define multiple pages to be opened, you need to go to google chrome options >> basics

google chrome optons

Under options >> basics you will see the option to add multiple pages to be opened on startup.

open multiple pages in google chrome on start up

As you can see in the image above, you can add as much pages as you want to open at google chrome start automatically.

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