How To Open .BIN, .ISO, .CCD Files

Now a days CD drives are seldom used as we generally convert the content of CDs or DVDs into images. The freeware which we generally use are Daemon Tools and Power ISO which are not considered as light software and moreover after installation, they ask for system reboot. One of my friend told me about a toll named as Virtual Clone drive, which is also used to mount the images but then it is very light and much easier to use.

This tool takes very less time to get installed as compared to other tools which we generally use. It does not ask for any reboot after getting installed unlike the other tools and the best feature about this tool is that it is very easy to use.


The snapshot shown above has been taken during installation, as it asks about the format of files which will be handled by this tool. Once it is completely installed it will take care of all those types of files which were marked during installation like .bin, .iso, .ccd etc. are some of the formats. When you will double click these files then they will mount on a virtual drive created by this software and then you can see them as if you have opened as CD/DVD drive on your system.

‘Virtual Clone Drive’ as the name tells it all that this freeware will create a virtual drive for the image files, so that you can read them in those drives. You can see from the snapshot shown below that it will ask for the number of virtual drive you want to create on your system, you can also mount the last image and you can also make this tool visible on the tray.


All the images mounted by this tool will enlisted in the history and from there you can keep a record of all the images used by you. This tool is available in different languages and it also very small with a size of 1.49 Mb. After getting installed it does not open in a different application window but it will be minimized onto the tray. If you want to change the settings of the then you go to the context menu of this tool which will lead you to a separate application window for settings.

This tool is compatible with all the version of Windows as it has already been checked with Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Virtual Clone Drive

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