How To Minimize or Hide Running Program Quickly In Windows 7

Hiding a program could be required when you are using some programs which are you may not want others to know about when they see your computer screen, it could be a case like when you are using facebook, orkut in your office and you don’t want your boss or others to see when you are using these services.


We have already written some tips to quickly hide windows like Hide Windows With A Keyboard Shortcut, Hide Opened Windows As System Tray Icons and Minimize or Hide Any Opened Window To System Tray In Windows 7. In windows 7 even without using any software you can quickly hide and minimize any running windows or application program simply with a keyboard shortcut without requiring any third party program.

If you press Window Key + down arrow on the keyboard to minimize any application program quickly, but of the program window is in maximized state then you would need to press window key + down arrow key two times on the keyboard to minimize the window.

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