How To Merge, Join AVI Movie Files With VirtualDub

Nowadays, images and videos have become common sources of entertainment which are being transferred on internet as well. Various social networking websites allows the user to upload their latest photos and videos of a trip or of any special event. In several cases, videos are available in different parts and we often want to merge them into a single video so that the flow and continuity of the video should be maintained. So, for the videos which are available in AVI format, here is a small app which is used to merge those AVI movies into a single movie.

VirtualDub is a small, easy to use and yet very powerful software which allows the user to merge AVI files. Most of the video files available with us are in AVI format and can be joined into a single video with the help of this small utility. As we have heard that Audacity is one of the software to edit the audio files and in which a large number of features are present which can perform large number of operations on audio files. Similarly, VirtualDub is the video correspondent of Audacity. It can be used to edit the video files in any way that you want. Not only this, but you can also merge the video files, split them, save the source audio, capture screenshots, fix the colouring in the video footage and many more options are available with this tool.


In order to try out this video on some of your video files, you can simply download the latest version of VirtualDub from the below given link. After downloading it to your system, unpack the small and portable software to the hard drive of the system. Now, simply run the VirtualDub.exe file present in this folder.

After launching this application, simply start by loading the first movie that you want to merge or edit. You can load it by simple method i.e. with a click on File option and then on Open Video File. After this, you simply have to click on the File again and then just select Append AVI segment for each extra part that you have as a file on your hard disk.

Now after following the steps mentioned above, simply switch over to the Video menu and do make sure that Full Processing Mode is selected there which is one of the mode available in the window. After selecting any one of the video codecs that are available there, just simply click on Compression under Video option. The thing which must be kept in mind is that you need suitable codecs installed on your system which can produce better results with better image quality and suitable file size.

Along with the options mentioned above, there are many more features and operations that can be performed on the files through this small and smart software. Just download it from the below given link and you may merge, split, edit with the favourite and special video of yours.

Download Virtualdub

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