How To Maximize Finder Window & Other Programs To Full Screen View In Mac OS X

This article is dedicated to all windows users who has just shifted to mac os, you might be facing some issues like when you press the enter on some selected item in finder window in mac os it gets to rename rather then the file should open up, you can read our solution for this here on how to fix your enter button to behave like in windows on mac os.

Today we are providing you the solution to another problem when finder window or any other program window is not maximized to full screen, this issue is faced and noticed by previous windows users mainly, although there are some mac users too who would like to see finder window and other programs windows to be maximized to full screen which does not happen by default in mac os.

In mac os when ever you click the green color + icon on finder window or any other program window it will not be resized to full screen, but on the other hand some users would like to focus on the program window on which they are working.

There is a free application called Right Zoom which allows you to maximize finder or any program window to full screen view. It actually runs in the background, and doesn’t really show itself at all.

By default, It makes a number of apps blow full screen when hitting the green orb. You can add or remove specific apps if you wish on this white list. But upon a fresh install, the list of apps that work with Right Zoom. Finder, Safari, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote. When you run it, it will ask you for the super user root password as shown in the image below.


Once installed and running you will need to go to preferences by clicking its icon on doc bar and then check the box which says activate right zoom as shown in the image below.


You can also add more apps under right zoom preferences so that those application too maximize to full screen view in mac os as shown in image below, under applications settings screenshot in right zoom.


Please note that there are some programs in mac os which does not change the zoom button’s behavior with right zoom. By default, RightZoom does not apply to iTunes, for example. iTunes’ zoom button is a toggle between the normal window and the mini player window. If you don’t want RightZoom to change this default behavior in Mac OS X, the exceptions list is the solution.

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