How To Manage Google Account Services and Data With Google Dashboard

Google has some great web services online to use like gmail, google search, Picasa web, youtube and lots more, from the day you create a google account you start using different google services with time you may have added a good amount of data across all these google services, managing or keeping an eye across all the data you have added could be really difficult for anyone.

In order to provide you a simple easy to platform to manage your google account services and data, google has provided google dashboard which allows you to see, edit and manage information put by you across all the google account services.

Go to the following URL below to open google dashboard page for your google account. [ It will ask you to enter your google account password ]

Once you verify with your username and password, you will see the list of all services which you can configure and edit data across these services as shown in the image below.

11-2-2010 3-16-12 PM

This is how you can manage all google account data and services from a single page.

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