How To Make Windows 7 Opened Windows Dance :)

Windows 7 is one of the amazing and faster OS released by Microsoft till now, yesterday I found this little keyboard trick which can make opened windows dance in windows 7.

Just open any window and then press Window Key + right arrow key and then Window Key + left arrow key then press Window + up arrow key to maximize and then press window key + down arrow to minimize to taskbar. [ as shown in the images below ]

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[ click on the images above to enlarge ]

We hope you like this small little trick and found it useful to increase some productivity in windows 7, you can read more windows 7 tips we have written before.   


  1. abhishek says

    @Mayur – Hmm, well i would say for keyboard freaks this technique is what they would like more, although it can be done with mouse dragging – but keyboard is more fun.

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