How to make the unziping operation of zip files more faster and quicker in vista.

You must have observed many times when you extract any .zip files on your pc it takes a lot of time in unzipping specially in vista which becomes really pain full to see as you have to wait for a long time even if you extract a small size zip file.

So today i m going to tell you how you can unzip or extract in a more faster way as compared to the normal slow extracting speed of windows vista.

Do These Steps Before Extracting the zip files

1. Disable any Anti-Virus/Spyware Program on your system if possible.

2. Use a third party extraction and compressing programs like 7-zip (freeware) ,winzip (shareware) , WinRAR,(Shareware) ZipGenuis (again a freeware) or PowerArchiver.

If you want to know more tricks to make the extracting more faster leave a comment here.

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