How To Make Google Buzz Replies and Notifications Skip Gmail Inbox

Google has recently launched google buzz available to all the gmail users in their gmail interface, we have already posted about What is Google Buzz? and What you can do with Google Buzz?

So, in google buzz if someone replies to your messages it comes directly under the inbox as a mail, Here is how you can avoid seeing the buzz replies and notification in you gmail inbox.

Follow the procedure give below to make buzz notification invisible in inbox, you will need to create a filter for this.

1. First Create a gmail filter, by clicking the following link highlighted in the image below.


2. Now under the text box which filter which says Has Words type label:buzz and then click Test Search


3. Click the button Next Step and then select to skip inbox and define a new label optionally if you want to else click Create Filter and select the checkbox which says apply filter to X conversations


4. That’s it, now you will see no buzz notifications in your gmail inbox. :) 


  1. Anthony says

    I’m sure there will be an option to turn it off quickly. Google wont want to annoy its users; they want this to really take off!

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