How To Make Face Movie With Picasa From People Album

Out of all the cool new features added to Picasa 3.8, Face Movie is one of the most liked feature – This is a definite must-see. Create a movie based around a person. As the photos transition from one to another the subject’s face stays aligned in one focus area, creating a unique viewing experience.

Once you update picasa to you will see a new album called People in Picasa which will automatically start indexing all the faces found across all the photo collection you had in Picasa as shown in the image below.


Now under the unnamed people album, add a name to one of the face for which you would like to create a movie, as shown in the image below.


Once you add the name over one of the face all other photo with the same face with will added to the same album with the person name and will show up in people album as shown in the image below.


Now over this album, select the option to create a face movie of this face – this movie will have all the pictures of the same face in a single album.


Once you select this option, it will start creating the face movie as shown in the image below


You can add audio track as mp3, wma sound file to this movie, or select Create Movie button to confirm the movie after all editing done from your side. It will show you a screen like the one shown below while creating the movie


Once the movie is created, it show you the preview and also allows you to upload the movie to youtube, take snapshot of a scene, or export a clip from the movie as shown in the image below.


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