How To Make Buzz Post Disappear From Your Google Buzz Stream

Google Buzz has been rolled out to all the gmail users till now and people has started using and enjoying this new idea of social networking, we have already posted some tips on what is google buzz, what all you can do on google buzz and how to hide google buzz notifications from appearing in gmail inbox.

Today, we will share another tip to hide a specific buzz post by some one which you see in your buzz stream and you may not like it so you just want to hide it without un following that person. 

In order to hide buzz post or to mute a buzz post in your buzz stream line, click the vertical arrow symbol in the extreme right top of the buzz and select the option Mute this post 


I hope you like this small but useful tip for many google buzz users like me :) We will keep posting more tips on google buzz so stay tuned if you like to read them. :)

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