How To Link Printers Connected To Google Cloud Print Service

Google has recently announced the google cloud print service, which allows you to connect a printer available on this PC to Google Cloud Print so that you can give a print command from anywhere, you need to enable the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome.

Note: The Google Cloud Print Connector is currently available for Windows XP, 7 and Vista, with Mac and Linux support coming soon. Also make sure that you are using Google Chrome 9.0.597.1 or greater to use google cloud print.

In order to upgrade google chrome version on your computer and connect the physically connected printers on your printers to google cloud print service, follow the procedure below.

1. Visit this link in google chrome, and update your google chrome to 9.0.597.1 if required.

1-26-2011 12-40-46 AM

2. Once your google chrome is updated, visit this link again – follow the procedure for a windows PC. Click the wrench icon in the upper right hand corner of Google Chrome

1-26-2011 12-47-07 AM

3. Choose Options

1-26-2011 12-47-36 AM

3. Click the "Under the Hood" tab. Scroll to the bottom to the Google Cloud Print section and click "Sign in to Google Cloud Print."

1-26-2011 12-48-14 AM

4. In the dialog that appears, sign in to your Google Account to enable Google Cloud Print.

1-26-2011 12-48-51 AM

5. When you have signed in, you will see this confirmation page shown below.

1-26-2011 12-49-51 AM

After setting up Google Cloud Print your options pane will look like this.

1-26-2011 12-50-30 AM

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