How To Invite Friends, Gmail Contacts Using Other Email Service To Join Gmail

Some of your friends who are using other email services like hotmail, aol mail or other email etc and you may want to invite them to join gmail but there might be many contacts you have and finding these friends could be really hard at times.

There are many reasons for which your can switch like free video calls, video chat, simple, yet powerful mail interface etc Now there is a very simple way with which you can invite all your contacts to gmail who are either using hotmail, aol mail etc with new website named email intervention, which will send an email to these contacts with the list of reasons to switch to gmail, rest is their choice and action is on their part.

This way it will automatically find all the friends not using gmail, then you can select which of your contacts to invite to google gmail and then it will send the message to them, via email intervention website.

The entire process is very simple as shown in the image below.

gmail intervention

You can read our step by step guide below, which will explain more on how its done.

1. Go to email intervention website, and click the red button on the top right corner of the page.

email intervention

2. Then it will ask you to enter your gmail username and password, Note: This site is designed by bunch of gmail folks so its safe for you to enter your gmail username and password. You should click sign into your gmail account as shown in the image below.

gmail username password

3. Once it verifies that you are signed in, it will redirect and shows you percentage and all the gmail contacts of yours which are not using gmail, now you can select them to invite to gmail, it also allows you to add more friends email manually which are not even in your contact list as shown in the image below.

select your friends emails

Once you are done with the selection, click Next button as shown in the image above.

Now you should select the type of intervention mail you would like to send, and you can also create your own video in case you want, and then click the preview email button at the bottom of the page as shown in the image below.

8-1-2011 2-01-05 PM

You can now preview the message and then click send as shown in the final page snapshot below.

8-1-2011 2-01-05 PM

Then you will see the confirmation message that your customized email intervention message has been sent.

8-1-2011 2-04-39 PM

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