How To Install Apps From Android Market Place Website On Your Phone Without Touching It

As most of us know, android market is now live on internet at which means that you can not only search apps on android market but can also install these apps on your phone connected to any wifi network, without even touching it.

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Follow the procedure below, to install apps from android market place website onto your phone.

1. Go to

2. Now search for your app and once you have got it, click install button below the app logo as shown in the image below.

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3. Now it will ask you to log in with your google account, make sure you log in with the same google account with which you are logged in on your android phone.

2-3-2011 3-58-09 PM

4. Once you are logged in, it will automatically detect and show your phone model name and then you need to click the install button as shown in the image below

 2-3-2011 12-28-59 PM

5. Now it will confirm with the message that app will get downloaded and installed on your phone shortly.

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