How To Insert Captured Screenshot In Word 2010 Document

There are some great amazing features that has been introduced with office word 2010, on of the feature is that you can now insert screenshot in word 2010 without using any third party screenshot capturing tool, a new screenshot capturing tool for this purpose has been inbuilt in word 2010 now.

Here is how you can use it to capture screenshot and insert into your document, just open the document in word 2010 and then click the Insert Tab on the ribbon interface and then click Screenshot Icon on the toolbar as shown in the image below.


Now you will see a drop down which allows you to easily insert the windows snapshot of the windows already opened including this word document window. Choose the snapshot of the window you want to insert or click Screen Clipping to take the snapshot of particular region.


The screenshots you took while using the above feature Screen Clipping will be automatically inserted into your word document as shown in the image below.


You can do further formatting with this screenshot being inserted in your word document again using word only, through various picture tools option in the Format toolbar.

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