How To Increase MacBook Air Storage Space To 256 GB

With the recent announcement of the new MacBook Air models, while the fast boot up and improved performance has been given much praise, a matter of discontent is that now the storage (SSD) is soldered to the logic board, thereby removing any scope for further upgrade by the user. Same is the case for the RAM, which is also soldered to the logic board.

A true solution to this would be only to buy a new logic board with the upgraded amount of HD (or remove the soldering and replace it with your own SSD storage, for those who are more adventurous).

PhotoFast Global Inc., A Taiwanese firm, has come up with a compelling upgrade, which is a 256 GB SSD memory chip for the 11.6″ MacBook Air. This upgrade is only possible by removing the current (64/128 GB) chip and replacing it with the new one. PhotoFast also provides you with a USB adapter for the old chip that is removed from your MacBook Air, and can be used as a portable USB drive, which also boasts of support for USB 3.0. Whether or not this USB adapter can be used with all types of computers is unclear.

In terms of performance, though no benchmarks are available yet, but PhotoFast promises speeds of 250MB/s for sequential reads and writes. Compare this to the 150/160 MB/s promised by Apple. If this PhotoFast chip also means an upgrade in performance (30% faster read/write speeds), then it is truly a necessary upgrade.

PhotoFast SSD Upgrade for MacBook Air

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