How To Improve Uploaded Photos, Pictures Colors On Flickr

Recently I uploaded some rally racing nexus one camera pictures on my flickr account, but after uploading the selected image I found that there were some images which needs some touch and improvement in terms light exposure and contrast.

Today, we will tell you about how can you improve existing colors or add more colors to your already uploaded flickr photos without downloading the image itself from flickr, as you can do it on the same image uploaded there on flickr.

Follow the procedure below to edit an uploaded image on flickr

1. Open in your internet browser and login to your flickr account

2. Now navigate to the image which you would like to edit, as shown in the image below.


3. Click Edit Photo at the top right under the options menu [ The option with a pencil icon ] as highlighted in the image below.


4. Once you click the Edit Photo option, it will take you to picnik – a photo editing tool being used by flickr, where you can adjust the different settings like exposure, contrast etc as shown in the image above.


5. Once you are done with editing, you can click the save button on the top right of the page and then you have the option to create a different new modified image or replace the existing image as shown in the image below


So you can save a new copy or replace the old photo after editing. We hope you have found this little flickr tip help and easy to follow in case you are a laymen user like me in photo editing.

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