How To Ignore All Facebook Poker, Farmville and Other Apps, Games Invitation Notifications

Facebook is no doubt the most popular social networking tools which lets you connect and share real time updates about what all is happening in your life and also to know what happening in your friend circle about which they are updating on facebook. But for some people facebook is more sort of an online time pass where they come and play games and then send these annoying games invites to their friends.


Today we will tell you how to block such useless facebook app invites on your facebook profile from your friends.

1. Login to with your username and password of your account.

2. Once you are logged in you will see the game and apps requests links on the left panel at the bottom as shown in the snapshot below.


3. Now click game request link as shown in the image above, under the game request you will see all the game request from different friends categorized together as per the games. Click cross for a  game request like FarmVille as shown in the image below.


Now it will ask you again to confirm blocking farmville requests


Similarly you can do apply the same procedure for blocking all apps too on your facebook profile coming from different friends on facebook.

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