How To Hide Picasa Web Album Photos In Google+ Profile

Google has recently launched google+ which is their all new social networking initiative which resembles much more like facebook but its much more powerful in terms of functionality and data flow, all the updates you see on are real time and instant, you don’t need to refresh a page to the see the new comment or update it automatically fetches and display them.

Google+ has some main feature including Circles which are groups like facebook, in facebook you have wall updates and here you have similar looking stream updates, and one thing which I noticed is better in google+1 is all updates and replies are real time so you don’t have to refresh the page to see a reply on your post.

But one of the major flaw I see in google+ is that, all the photo album which are public in picasa will be shown to all your new google+ friends in your circles and others whom you even have not added to your circles, we posted a tutorial on how to find out which picasa web albums are visible to whom, you can read here how. 

Follow the procedure to hide the picasa web albums on your google plus profile.

Do Not Show Picasa Web Album On Google Plus

1. Login to your google+ profile at 

2. Once you are logged in, navigate to your google+ profile by clicking your name as shown in the image below.

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3. Once you are on your google+ profile page, you will see the button saying Edit your profile on the top right of the page, click it to edit your profile as shown in the image below.


4. It will now move the profile entries in edit mode, as shown in the image below.


5. Now click Photos and uncheck to the checkbox which says Show this tab on your profile under the photos sections as shown in the image below.


Once you uncheck this option, you will see there will be no photos tab on your google plus profile and no picasa photos will be shown, now click finished editing to return to normal profile view and exit from editing mode.

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