How to hack to run dreamscene on all non-ultimate versions of vista like.

Do you want to run dreamscene ? in your windows vista but you don’t have windows vista ultimate edition as dreamscene for windows vista as it comes as a update only for windows vista utimate edition.

But don’t worry as in this post i will tell you how you can install or run dreamscene on all the others versions or non-ultimate versions of vista like vista home basic ,vista home premium , vista business edition.

So you don’t have to do any tweak or hadreamscene ck in order to run windows vista dreamscene you have to just download and enable it by the method given below,

How to enable/disable vista

1. Right click on the desktop go to personalise.

2. Go to Desktop Background.

3. Select the dreamscene appropriate video as desktop wallpaper.

4. That’s it! Done.

 Download Dreamscene

if you have any problem in implementing the above procedure leave a comment here.

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  1. nirmanyu says

    can any one help me?????????????
    that link for ” Download Dreamscene” is not working.

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