How To Get Public Direct Download Link For A File You Uploaded On Dropbox

There are times when you have large number of photos you took with your digital camera, and now you want to mail all these photos to them but the size zip file containing photos exceeds the size of the attachment in gmail, at such time you can share these large files using the free service like dropbox.

Dropbox is a cool online web service which allows you to share files of large or small size their servers. It provides 2 GB of free space to free users which is sufficient enough to share files, I use dropbox to share files with friends and also suggest them to use dropbox.

In case of dropbox you can simply create a free account and share direct link to download the file you uploaded on dropbox servers, that means those who are going to download the file from dropbox servers don’t need to create a account over Follow the procedure below to know how to share a file with direct link to download on dropbox.

In order to share a file with direct download link, you first need to sign up for a free dropbox account and then upload the file public folder of your account, only then you can get a direct link you can share it with friends.

1. Sign up for a free dropbox account here

2. Once you have signed up, login to your account and navigate to your public folder as shown in the image below.

10-13-2010 5-36-04 PM

3. Under public folder select the file to upload to dropbox servers as shown in the image below

10-13-2010 5-37-42 PM

4. Once the file upload is complete, then move the mouse over that file and click the right down arrow to copy the direct link to that file you uploaded as shown in the image below.

10-13-2010 5-40-15 PM

5. It open prompt box which shows the direct link to that file which you can copy and pass on to your friends so that they can download it directly.

10-13-2010 5-42-19 PM

6. Copy the link to clipboard and send this link to anyone, they can download the file without having a dropbox account.

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