How To Get Instant Alerts Emails When You Receive Messages In Google Webmasters

If you are a webmaster you would know how important it is for a webmaster to keep a track of messages being sent to the account from google webmasters teams as these messages are about important things related to your websites listed in google webmaster account. So some times you may receive messages like you should update the wordpress version or in case your website is been attacked by some spam injection, you will receive the messages there.

google webmasters

Now the main question arises here, if you don’t login to your google webmasters account how can you get to know about these important messages related to your websites in google webmasters, the best solution to this problem is that you can forward these messages to your email account associated with your google webmasters account, this way you will get instant alerts email about all the google webmaster messages and you wont miss addressing any of them.

Follow the procedure below to know how to forward these message to email account.

1. Login to google webmasters account, on the home screen you will see messages at top as shown in the image below.


2. On the top right of the home page you will see the option to forward the google webmaster messages to your email account, now select the email account from the drop down and the page will reload to save your preferences as shown in the image below.

forward google webmaster messages

That’s it done, no you will not miss any message you received on google webmasters as you will be notified with an instant email as well : )

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