How To Get Facebook One Time Password On Phone

Facebook has recently added new feature like one time facebook password and remote logout feature to make facebook more secure for a large number of users using facebook all over the world. With facebook one time password you can use facebook by requesting a new password for your account, provided that you have already added under your facebook account profile, with this password you can use facebook from any computer or device in the next 20 minutes after you receive the password for one time.

This facebook feature can be really useful when you are using facebook on a public computer and you don’t have the fear of entering the password on a public computer as the password will work only for one time login, follow the procedure below to know how to add your phone to your facebook profile and how to receive the one time facebook login password on your phone.

1. Go to and login to your facebook account.

2. Once you are logged in, go to this link to update facebook security information or go to this secondary link of the previous link was not working to add your mobile phone to your facebook account profile.

3. Once you select the option or click the link to add your phone, you will need to send a message with text f to some facebook mobile phone number. Please note that this number can be different for different countries and regions.

10-14-2010 3-39-20 AM

4. Select the country and data carrier

10-14-2010 3-36-49 AM

5. Once you sent the message, click next to enter the code you receive in reply from that facebook number where you sent the f message in step 3. It will take some time, once you get it you will need to enter the code you get to verify and add your mobile phone to your account, when everything is confirmed you will see the mobile phone added as shown in the image below.

10-14-2010 3-45-48 AM

Once you have added your mobile phone under your facebook account, you can send the SMS message with text "otp" to 32665 but this applies to US only as if now, However this feature is being rolled out globally to all the countries where people use facebook in coming weeks, so if you don’t get the one time password wait for some time to get this feature rolled out to your region or country.

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