How To Find Whether A Twitter User Id Is Following You or Not

There are many times you may need to find out whether a user is following you back on twitter, there might be some web app online who would let you find it. But you should not use any service which asks for your twitter username and password for this, you can better use another easier method you can follow on to find out if any twitter user is following you back.

Follow the procedure to below to find those users who are not following you on twitter or not following you back.

1. Open your internet browser and go to and sign in with your twitter username and password.

2. Now go to the twitter profile page for which you would like to find out, whether that twitter id is following you back. For example – the twitter username is technixmedia – then profile page url would be.  

and Open the twitter profile of that id

2.1 If you are using new version of twitter, and if you see the small message box icon on the twitter profile page – it means that the person is following you back, but if you don’t see this message box icon as shown in the image

9-27-2010 3-47-52 AM

2.2 Just in case, if you are still using then explore the drop down to see whether you can see the direct option as shown in the image below.

9-27-2010 3-51-30 AM

Above method to find out those twitter users who follow you or does not follow, you can also try some online tool like or for the same purpose as shown in the image below.

9-27-2010 3-56-01 AM

All these online tools and manual methods are based on the simple rule which twitter follows, i. e if you follow some one on twitter and they follow you back or they just follow you but you don’t follow them, then in that case you can send a direct message to the users who are following you and you can’t send direct messages to those who don’t follow you on twitter.

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