How To Find, View Old Tweets After The Error “Older tweets are temporarily unavailable” On Twitter

Twitter is no doubt a great service which lets you share what you are doing in real time with your tweets, and it offers much another good feature called hashtags which allows you to categorize certain tweets related to each other, recently I created a hashtag #sgs2review for tweeting all my views about samsung galaxy s 2 – when I tried to view all the tweets I tweeted in last week, I was able to see only the last two recent tweets and all other tweets were not reachable as shown in the image below.

6-21-2011 1-29-51 PM 

So, in case if you are looking for an old tweet, you won’t find any that are more than a week or so old on Twitter. You can put the blame on all the massive number of new tweets coming in on twitter servers from a large huge number of users, twitter search interface has been imposing these restrictions so that they decrease some load on on the servers. But don’t worry as all your old tweets are there, you just cant find them through twitter search interface, and there are other ways to see those old tweets.

There are other web based services and tools which can help in this, but Google search by far is the best easy tool to access all the old tweets for a hashtag or a specifically a tweet in a user timeline. You just need to go to and then enter your query in the following syntax to find your old tweets.

[Enter This Query for Finding Tweets Under a Hashtag]- #hashtag

For example  #sgs2review

6-21-2011 1-40-28 PM

[Enter This Query for Finding Tweets of a Twitter User ]-

For example:

6-21-2011 1-41-47 PM

Google archive all the tweets, as they Google has launched a Twitter archive service, giving it a more deeper index of tweets over time than even Twitter itself. This way you can find the tweets which are not searchable or visible through twitter search, all the older tweets will be accessible this way, you can also go through the time line to find a tweet on specific day at some specific time as well using google twitter real time search interface.

6-21-2011 1-45-36 PM

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