How To Find PHP, MYSQL Version Running On Your Website Hosting Server

There are times when you need to find out the version of php and mysql running on your server, just like in case when you are running a wordpress blog and a new version of wordpress is released and you need to check out which version php and mysql are currently running on your server or there might be some script you want to install on your server which requires a specific version of php and mysql to run on the server.

In case of shared hosting, most the hosting platforms provide a cpanel which easily lets you find out the version of php and mysql, you just need to login to cpanel on your site and scroll down to the bottom and then find out this link under the left sidebar on the cpanel which list some details about your hosting server and website, and you need to click this link which says Programs Versions – Click To View as shown in the image below.


Once you click the link click to view, it will redirect you to the versions of all the scripts and programs running on your server as shown in the image below.


The above procedure might be some what different for different shared hosting servers, but it should be similar to a great extent. Still if the above method does not work for you to find the php and mysql version, you can follow the method below to find out the php version and mysql 

  1. Create a new document in Notepad or any other text editor
  2. Type following with no spaces or lines above or below
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
  3. Save the file as checkversion.php or any other name you like, but should end with .php
  4. Upload using an FTP client to the root of your domain name where wordpress is hosted.
  5. Open in your browser

This way you will get to know the exact php and mysql version running on your server on what ever the hosting server you are, either shared or dedicated or any other. It will open detailed page which tells you the php version at the top as shown in the image below.

7-6-2011 1-34-11 PM

and search for the word mysql – The MySQL version is shown next to Client API version as shown in the image below.

7-6-2011 1-33-57 PM

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