How To Find Complete Information About A Person Or Topic On Google

Google is well known for all the products it offers to all the users and you must be knowing that they have a huge variety of the tools with them. Keeping this thing in mind, they have gone for creating a new search page, which can help you quite efficiently if you want to search for a product on any of the page. Now if you want search result for any keyword from all the web services or I should say from some of the popular services then you are supposed to search them separately on other page of the web services.


In this post we will tell you that how you can make your search easier without being navigated to large number of pages. Google have made a new search page to search any of the keyword on their web services. You can see the screenshot of the result, wherein you will found that a particular space has been allotted to all the web services by Google. Once you search some keyword you will see the appropriate results in different category of the web services. For example, Once you search a keyword ‘Steve Jobs’, then you will be able to know about it on YouTube, Google Maps, Google Images, Google Books, Google Discussion Groups and more, but all the results will be separated in their space.


This is the best way to search a keyword for all the web services of Google, now if you are searching abut a restaurant then you can see its video and its location on a same page. I hope that you must have liked this tip, so please let us know about your views about this new search page. You might find some error like, it may not show any of the results in the image section of any keyword, but then you need to have patience as it will get sometime to get fully rolled on the internet, if you face such a problem, then you can open that search on another page and you will see the correct results.

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