How To Extract Icons From Executable File [ .exe Files ]

Extract Application Icon is a free application which allows you to extract the icons from any executable file or application, this simple application could be great if you just love any application icon and want it set to some of your folders. Previously we had discussed about a similar utilities like IconsExtract and Resources Extract  


How To Use

Using this application is quite simple, as you just need to browse and locate the executable file from which you want to extract the icon and then click the button on the application Extract Icons, it will allow you to save the extracted icon in PNG image format with dimensions 32 x 32 and 16 x16 pixels


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    You can use also Sharp IMG Viewer 2008 to extract icons, images and other resources from assemblies, archives (ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, Z, PPMd, 7z, LZMA, Microsoft Cabinet and WIM formats), disk image files (ISO, FAT, NTFS), virtual disk files (VMware VMDK, Sun VirtualBox VDI, Microsoft VHD, XenServer Virtual Appliance XVA), Windows executables, resources, compound and compiled help files.
    The .NET application can be downloaded from
    You can find more detailed information about program features readind documentation.

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