How to enable/disable the Built-in Administrator Account in Windows vista

To get back administrator rights on windows vista turn off UAC and do the following.

Here’s the simple solution:

Do you know that “Administrator” account you see when you login to safe mode?

It is  the built-in administrator account that’s installed by default, and disabled by default too,but with a little other tweak you will be enjoying an XP-like administrator experience in windows vista, while UAC is left ON (or off, it doesn’t matter), but with no prompts or right clicks.

How to ?

  • Click Start, and type “secpol.msc” in the search area and click Enter.
  • You may receive a prompt from UAC, approve/login and proceed.
  • In the left list, choose “Local Policies”, then “Security Options”
  • Set “Accounts: Administrator account status” to Enabled.
  • Set “User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account” to Disabled.
  • Now log-off, and you’ll see a new account named “Administrator” will be available, click on it to login.

If you have any problems in implementing or activating the default administrator account in windows vista leave a comment here…

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  1. Amir says

    My administrator disable the adminstrator account and lock the administrator. I an unable to logon as adminstrator, registry editor, add and remove program is also disable, is there any way that i enable all these :cry: :sad: :shock:

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