How To Enable High Resolution, Bigger Window Video Chat In Gmail

Gmail team has just launched some new feature for doing a better video chat in gmail with your friends. They have added some enhancements in gmail video chat which bring a high resolution and bigger video chat window in gmail, but this won’t happen unless to enable the labs feature which will roll out these new enhancements in video chat, you can get an idea out the new improvement by seeing the image below.


The higher resolution video uses a new playback mechanism which enables widescreen VGA and frees up valuable resources on your computer.

Follow the procedure below to enable high resolution video chat in gmail

1. Login to your gmail account and go to gmail Settings and then clicks Labs link as shown in the image below.


2. Scroll down to locate the lab feature Video chat enhancements - select Enable radio button option and scroll down to the bottom  of the page and click Save Changes button.


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