How To Email Browsing Session Web Pages Links In Google Chrome With Session Buddy

There are times when you are using some one else computer and while doing your browsing you have opened so many links to the different websites which you want to refer later on your primary computer, this has happened with me some times. I tried to find the solution for google chrome as I normally use google chrome, by default in google chrome there is no option to share the entire browsing session or mail it to some email id but there is one extension called Send by email for google chrome which allows you to send a single link opened the current focused tab via gmail.

The simplest way to email all the links to multiple webpages opened in google chrome could be to open all these tabs one by one and copy all the links to these webpages make a list in a file and then send the list of URLs via email but this could be really tedious task if you have to do for a large number of web pages opened in google chrome or any other browser.

After some googling I found this cool extension called Session Buddy for google chrome which allows you export the entire current browsing session or list of webpages URLs which you can further copy in email and send them to yourself or any email id you want to, which you can later open on other computer.

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You can easily install the session buddy extension for google chrome from here – this extension is already very popular as it allows you to save the browsing session and even if you clear the google chrome browsing history you can still restore the last browsing session with this extension by saving it.

Once you have installed session buddy, below is the procedure on how you can export the list of the webpages opened in google chrome in the current browser session.

1. Install session buddy extension, click the session buddy icon in google chrome toolbar as shown in the image below.

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2. Now it will open up google chrome current browsing session.

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3. You can easily export the list of all webpages opened as shown in the image below.

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4. Now you can easily copy all these as text links and the copy paste in new email and send them to any email id.

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5. Then send these links via email to any email id which you can later open on your primary or other computer as shown in the image below.

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I hope you find the above tutorial helpful, still if you face any issues please leave a comment at the end of this post.

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