How To Do I m Feeling Lucky Search With Google Instant Search Feature On

Google has recently launched their new search tool called google instant search – It allows you to see the search results as you type or even before you type in the google search query box. Some people has seemed to like this new feature while some don’t, we had also posted how to turn off instant search tool on google search.

Google instant search is so quick but some of people who were wondering how can now they do I m Feeling Lucky on google search results which take the user to the first search results automatically, Today we will tell you how to perform I m feeling lucky with the new google instant search. 

While you are typing in your search keywords, press down arrow key to select the suggested keyword you were thinking of typing and then press the right arrow key to perform I m feeling lucky for that query.


Please Note: You don’t need to press any I am feeling lucky button here as shown in the image above. 

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